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Web publishing made easy

2tix is an automatic website publishing system or "content management system". It is designed for individuals and organisations with a large number of documents to publish on the web, and an ongoing need to maintain the website by adding, updating and deleting pages, or altering its appearance.

All its functions are driven from the web itself, and are driven by an easy-to-use interface. There is no need to be an internet expert to use 2tix. Even people with little or no technical expertise can master the system after a day of tuition, reading and hands-on experience.

How does it work?

Instead of storing your web pages whole in "flat files" in a web directory (the usual way of creating a website), 2tix keeps the separate elements that make up your webpages separately in a database. These elements are then brought together "live" to create the webpages that are displayed to users.

This means that changes you make to page elements - such as your header or menu - are immediately reflected across the entire website. It also means that links to your pages are created and deleted as required, and no longer have to be laboriously hand-coded.

An important way for users to navigate the website is through "keywords" which you define and categorise. They can also use an advanced "search" facility to find all your pages that contain desired words.

For more information about 2tix features, click here.


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